How To Redirect Website Pages To A New Domain

redirect website
Redirect Website Pages

How do you redirect website pages from your old domain to your new domain? Sooner or later, many website owners run into this situation… you have an established website and want to change to a new domain name.

Your dilemma is this: You want to redirect all existing web pages to the equivalent pages on the new website, even if there are hundreds of pages in your existing website. Furthermore, you want to let the search engines know about the change and not lose any page rank.

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3 Simple Steps To Protect WordPress From Hackers

Protect WordPress From Hackers: Hacker Detected
Hackers Constantly Attack Websites

Your WordPress website is safe, right? Don’t be so sure!

While monitoring some of my own websites, as well as two of my clients’ websites, I discovered that WordPress websites seem to be under attack from hackers all the time!

The specific type of attack that I’m talking about, is hackers trying to break into the Admin area of WordPress sites using brute-force attacks, i.e. trying to guess your username and password. 

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Is A Content Delivery Network (CDN) Worth The Cost?

Are you considering using a Content Delivery Network (CDN) to speed up your website, and wondering if it is worth the cost?

I use a CDN on one of my websites. When I recently had to turn it off to troubleshoot a problem, it seemed to me that my website was still loading pretty fast. That led me to wonder…

Does it really make a big enough difference in the speed of my website to justify the cost? 

So I decided to do some speed tests. My results told a story… 

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