What Is Wordpress And Why Is It A Good Choice?

what is wordpress?
What is WordPress?

What is WordPress? What makes it so popular? Is WordPress a good choice for a website? Do I recommend WordPress?

These are all questions that I get regularly… and questions that I will answer below.

Let’s jump in with the first one…

What Is WordPress?

 WordPress is a web-based content management system, or CMS. What that means, is that it is a platform or system used to manage (add, edit, or delete) information on a website.

WordPress comes in two flavors:

  1. A free hosted version on Wordpress.com where you can simply create an account and start creating. While this version is absolutely free, there are some limitations on how you can customize your WordPress blog. This, in my mind, makes it more ideal for casual bloggers who merely want to publish some articles.
  2. A self-hosted version that you can download (free) from Wordpress.org and install on your own website. There are three differences from the first version:
    1. You have a obtain, and pay for your own website hosting. This is not a problem at all since there are many website hosting packages available for well under $10 per month.
    2. You have to install and set up your WordPress platform yourself.
    3. You have much more freedom to customize your self-hosted WordPress installation to your own needs.

    Self-hosted WordPress sites allow you to create excellent websites. This is also the version that I use for all my clients.

WordPress Themes

WordPress comes with a large library of free themes. Your WordPress theme is what determines what your website looks like. There are several vendors that sell premium themes. These themes are more sophisticated, and offer more functionality.

WordPress Plugins

WordPress also comes with a large library of free plugins. Plugins allow you to expand your site’s functionality. For example, you can use a plugin to add a contact form to your website. As with themes, there are many vendors who sell premium plugins that provide advanced functionality.

WordPress is very popular because it is a free, open-source system that is easy to install, has a large amount of free plugins and themes available, and is reliable. It also makes it easy to add or edit website content.

I believe that WordPress is an excellent choice for a website, and I recommend it to my clients all the time.