Why Regular, Proper Website Maintenance Is Critical (Even If You Think It’s Overrated)

proper website maintenance for wordpress

People say that proper website maintenance is important. But you may be thinking, “our company website runs just fine, why should we have to maintain it all the time?”

I might say that your car runs fine as well, but you still maintain it from time to time to keep it running. Some might say that a website is not a car. And on and on it goes…

So let me clarify why I say that regular, proper website maintenance is critical…

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Why Your Unsecure Website Can Hurt Your Business (and How To Fix It)

unsecure website to secure

Yes, your unsecure website can hurt your business! Why? It’s all about trust.

We live in a world where all kinds of crooks hang out. The online world is the same. There are all sorts of crooks and hackers. They range from “script kiddies” (amateur hackers) to cyber criminals to government-sponsored hackers.

This leaves us with a range of people looking for ways to exploit anything they can on the web.

That includes your business website! Or more specifically, the information that travels between your website and its visitors. 

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