Avoid The Penalty Of Broken Links On Your WordPress Site With These Useful Plugins

avoid broken links on your website
Ignoring broken links can hurt your website!

Broken links are bad for your website. If you don’t find them and deal with them, they will hurt your site.

Why will broken links hurt your website?

When your website visitors click on a broken link, they will not land on the page they were hoping to see, but instead get a 404 error page. This creates a bad experience for them!

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3 Simple Steps To Protect WordPress From Hackers

Protect WordPress From Hackers: Hacker Detected
Hackers Constantly Attack Websites

Your WordPress website is safe, right? Don’t be so sure!

While monitoring some of my own websites, as well as two of my clients’ websites, I discovered that WordPress websites seem to be under attack from hackers all the time!

The specific type of attack that I’m talking about, is hackers trying to break into the Admin area of WordPress sites using brute-force attacks, i.e. trying to guess your username and password. 

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