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When Your Business Needs A Website And How To Get A Business Website

time to get a business website

Time to get a business website?

Do you have a business, but you don’t have a website for your business? Are you wondering whether it’s time to get a business website?

According to this article at Marketing Land, a 2013 survey showed that 45% of small businesses still don’t have websites! That’s a staggering number!

The question still remains… does your business need a website? Continue reading

Avoid The Penalty Of Broken Links On Your WordPress Site With These Useful Plugins

avoid broken links on your website

Ignoring broken links can hurt your website!

Broken links are bad for your website. If you don’t find them and deal with them, they will hurt your site.

Why will broken links hurt your website?

When your website visitors click on a broken link, they will not land on the page they were hoping to see, but instead get a 404 error page. This creates a bad experience for them! Continue reading

3 Important Web Page Elements That You Should Not Ignore

web page elements: garage saleIf you were going to have a garage sale and wanted people to show up, what type of sign would you put up on the street corner?

Would it be a blank sign, or perhaps a sign that says “Garage Sale,” with perhaps your street name and number?

Anybody who would like to sell their stuff, would put up a sign that yells, “Garage Sale!”

What I often find surprising, is how many people put up a web page with essentially a built-in “blank sign” because they ignore some important web page elements.

Getting people to read your newly-created web page is a process. It starts when your web page is listed in search engine results, and continues once the potential reader lands on your page. Continue reading

How To Stop Spam Email From Your Website Contact Page

how to stop spam emailIsn’t it sad that spammers lurk around every corner? You built your website and you’re trying to be helpful by providing a way for website visitors to contact you. The next thing you know, you start receiving all kinds of spam email from the contact method you made available.

Now you’re wondering how to stop spam email coming from your website.

The good news is that there are ways to stop spam email from your website. It all depends on which email contact methods you implemented. Continue reading

How To Redirect Website Pages To A New Domain

redirect website

Redirect Website Pages

How do you redirect website pages from your old domain to your new domain? Sooner or later, many website owners run into this situation… you have an established website and want to change to a new domain name.

Your dilemma is this: You want to redirect all existing web pages to the equivalent pages on the new website, even if there are hundreds of pages in your existing website. Furthermore, you want to let the search engines know about the change and not lose any page rank. Continue reading