• Thanks, Freddy! Glad you found it useful. I have used that method on Wordpress and non-Wordpress sites, and it works really well.

  • I have a web site that, since I retired I wanted removed. It doesn’t seem to be something I can do and as a consequence I am receiving more and more ‘not very nice’ e mails. The person who set up my web site has passed on I think, at least ,I have moved on and lost contact. I am a bit of a ‘No No’ on the technical details of computer speak etc. and very much fed up with cancelling these unwanted E mails. Can you advise/help.

  • Nice one John, I would like to suggest Antideo Email Validator as well that can help in validating email addresses entered in the forms to weed out spam. The plugin works out of the box with the major form plugins and does unlimited email validations for free.

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